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    MyFOMO is our members portal for companies at any FOMO office building.


    Superusers, or company administrators, have access to the following information and editing rights:


    • Submit tickets with inquiries to FOMO
    • Assign superuser rights to the company's employees
    • View current lease agreement
    • See the company's rental history and future rental cost
    • Add / remove employees
    • Update information about employees (name, email, phone)
    • Assign / remove employee access to the company's areas/offices
    • Edit the company's public profile: information that becomes available to visitors or delivery of goods


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    LOG IN


    First time users: click "Forgot your password?"


    When signing a new lease, the company's contact person is registered with name, email and telephone number in myfomo.


    This person is set to Superuser as default. This can be edited later.


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    This is your "My Company data" site.


    In here you can:

    • edit your company profile
    • view contracts
    • view services and costs associated with the lease
    • add/edit/remove employees
    • grant employees access to the office


    On the following pages, we will take you through the various editing options.

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    The information you provide here will be available to visitors and package vendors in the main lobby at FOMO.


    How to: edit profile

    1. Go to "My company data"
    2. Click "Edit public profile"
    3. Add the preferred info: web page and contacts. (You can add multiple contacts)
    4. Hit "SAVE AND CLOSE"

    How will visitors access this info:

    1. A QR-code in the lobby and entrances will direct visitors and deliveries directly to a website.
    2. On the website, they can search for the company they want to get hold of.
    3. The information you provide here will be accessible to them.
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    How to: remove employees

    1. Go to "My company data"
    2. Click on the contract you like to view
    3. Click "Open link in new tab" to view contract
    4. There is only read access to the contracts
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    This is your "My services" site


    What is shown:

    1. Graphic illustration of the cost development
    2. The different services provided
    3. The monthly cost
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    How to: add employees

    1. Go to "My company data"
    2. Click "+ ADD EMPLOYEE"
    3. Fill in name and contact information
    4. Choose whether the employee should be a superuser
    5. Enter the first day in office
    6. Choose which offices the employee should have access to

    The onboarding process looks like this:


    Wild Bill will onboard your new employee automatically. Wild Bill is a digital robot and not a real person.

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    The days prior to the first office day, your employee will receive valuable welcoming emails from Wild Bill:

    1. Welcome info with the current WiFi password.
    2. How to get to FOMO by car or public transportation.
    3. Ensure that the employee has reviewed the house rules and fire instructions, and get confirmation that they have read and understood this.
    4. Link to the members page: members.fomo.no.
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    How to: remove employees

    1. Go to "My company data"
    2. Choose employee
    3. Click DELETE

    What happens next:

    1. MyFOMO will offboard your employee
    2. Your employee will get an email from Wild Bill to return the office key to FOMO.
    3. If the key is not returned, FOMO will invoice your company a penalty fee.